Premier Ninpo Martial Arts Training For Adults & Kids Around The World

Ninpo US is a premiere martial arts organization teaching authentic, Japanese Ju-jutsu to children and adults. Our training cultivates a supportive and inclusive culture for members, instructors, and affiliated schools.

We take pride in our ego-free, challenging, and rewarding environment. Our programs include self-defense based ju-jutsu, weapons training, children’s martial arts training, and traditional martial arts.

Ninpo US also offers certification to members and complete support to affiliated schools.

Visit One Of Our Schools

Learn martial arts at one of our affiliated martial arts schools. Our schools teach world-class Ninpo in a fun, safe, and ego-fee environment.

Learn Online

Don’t live near one of our schools, or want to train directly with the Ninpo US Founder. This is your place for exclusive training resources!

Become An Instructor

We’re always looking for professional martial arts instructors. Whether at one of our locations or you want to start your own group, start here!

Listen to what our students say…

I’ve been training under Mark Bramble Sensei for a while now. Prior to my training with him, I had experience with a few other fighting styles. I thought I knew what martial arts were until the day I walked through his dojo’s doors. That moment changed my life forever and I have done and learned things which I would never have thought possible. I’ve discovered more about my own weaknesses (mental, emotional, physical) through training with him than I even knew I had. I am honored to have met him and continue to train under him. I have never known a better teacher.
Omar G.

Head Instructor, Yamajiro Dojo / Falls Church, VA

Awesome Dojo! Great people. Highly recommended.

Ramon C.

Student, Bansenshukai Dojo / Tampa, FL

I highly recommend Ninpo US to anyone looking for a fantastic opportunity to learn martial arts in its totality.
Errol C.

Instructor, Ninja Abingdon / Abingdon, MD