Imagine a martial arts school filled with sincere, hard-working, and friendly students. A class where discipline, honor, humility, and focus have meaning. Where students practice practical self-defense in an ego-free environment, while learning the timeless virtues of traditional martial arts. 

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  • Self-defense Focused Training
  • Traditional Martial Arts Values
  • Taught by Certified Instructors
  • Complete Training of Mind & Body


Ninpo US is a professional Japanese ju-jutsu organization with affiliated branches along the eastern coast of the United States. Our instructors maintain a high level of quality instruction for their students, as well as, regularly train themselves. All of our teachers offer authentic martial arts as taught at the source of ju-jutsu, in Japan. 

“Some of the best people you’ll ever have the privilege to meet, and train with.”

-Justin S., Banri Dojo / Wilmington, DE

Ninpo US offers world-class, Japanese Ju-jutsu & Combatives training to members throughout the U.S. Our core philosophy is that martial arts is a living system of self-defense skills that have been, and continue to be, adaptable and tested.

In addition to physical skill, we take a holistic approach in our training, believing it’s crucial to live by core virtues and ethics to become a complete warrior on the mat, and in life. Values such as discipline, focus, compassion, and humility are timeless warrior principles, distinguishing martial artists from mere violence.

The Ninpo US culture is a professional, ego-free, and safe environment to learn martial arts at any age and any skill level.

All instructors of the Ninpo US Ju-jutsu program are required to maintain their own regular training and follow a high level of standards within their schools.

With over 100 years of combined instructor experience, Ninpo US is a premiere martial arts family. 

You’re invited to join through this website or contact us for more information.

Got Questions?

Not ready to join but want more info on joining the Ninpo US family? We’d love to have you speak with one of our many professional instructors to answer all you questions!