Training with Ninpo US

The 36 Arts of Ninpo Bugei

Ninpo is a martial art credited to the lineage of legendary Grand Master, Toshitsugu Takamatsu. It consists of a compilation of 36 “essential” warrior skills – including unarmed self-defense, weapon skills, tactics and more.

These skills have a foundation in the martial arts prevailant in Japan during the Sengoku Era (warring period), including Ju-jutsu and Ninjutsu.¬†And, while they began from traditional combat methods, the essential warrior skills (Ninpo Sanjurokkei) are not meant to be a static set of techniques, but rather, adapting to modern variables – thus, under constant refinement as a sort of “mixed martial art”.

For this reason we say Ninpo is “Bu-jutsu”, or the study of all martial arts. In addition, Ninpo is just as much a mindset and strategy as it is a series of skills.

HAPPO BU-JUTSU: 8 Areas of Training at Ninpo US

The core of training at Ninpo US can be broken in 8 areas, 4 of which are the focus of training at our dojo.


Ninpo unarmed training, called Taijutsu, is largely a combination of Ju-jutsu, striking, and “dirty fighting”, however, the primary focus is on avoiding and escaping danger, and defending only as a last resort. Our training includes defense from spar distance, clinch and ground fighting.


We practice both modern and traditional weapons (buki), including improvisation, however, the core defense for all weapons training is the same – avoid and/or run away.


While you do not need to be a world-class athlete, it’s important to work towards a reasonable physical health that supports your ability to defend yourself, as well as, having a balanced life.

An often overlooked, but essential part of martial arts training, is mental preperation and resilience. If we cannot control our ego, anger or fear, they can control us.

AGILITY (Taihen-jutsu)

The benefits of maintaining mobility and flexibility extend far beyond martial arts. As part of regular training, we practice stretching, breathing, and movement drills that carry important health benefits.

2 Paths to Training

Ninpo US offers 2 paths to learning Ninpo Bugei – a traditional path and a modern path.

The traditional path, or KOBUDO, focuses on tradition-based application of martial arts, as have been handed down through the generations.

The modern path, or BU-JUTSU, focuses on evidence-based, practical application of Ninpo martial arts.