Applying Traditional Martial Arts Principles: Koku

Koku is a well Koryu martial arts technique from Gyokko Ryu, a part of the Takamatsu-den systems. Being able to perform these traditional martial arts techniques is really just the first step. A Ninpo-ka (Ninpo martial artist) must go much deeper to be able to apply the principles behind the waza, to address unknown variables and resistance.

At Ninpo US we teach martial arts as a “living” system, meaning that it is essential that a student can adapt to changing circumstances, and not be stuck in kata.

Principles of the Arm Drag

The placement of the hands during this technique flow very well with a set-up to Arm Drag. This leads to numerous options, and if applied successfully, places you outside of the attacker. Within our training, we refer to this as the “dead side” of an opponent.

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