Applying Traditional Martial Arts Principles: Hicho No Kata

In the last lesson we covered Gyokko Ryu’s Koku. This week continues in the same system with a core striking pattern known as Hicho No Kata.

In fact, there are three such patterns with the Sanpo Hiden principle, including – Ichimonji No Kata, Jyumonji No Kata, and Hicho No Kata. Of these three, Hicho No Kata involves little movement in receiving an attack.

Hicho No Kamae vs. Hicho No Kata

Confusion with the names of Hicho No Kamae versus Hicho No Kata is often a point of confusion for newer Ninpo martial artists. A “kamae” is, in fact, a posture, while “kata” is the form itself. That is to say, you perform the kata from the kamae. 

The actual posture has a few variations, the most commonly demonstrated looking like a scene from The Karate Kid. This particular version is not a kamae that I believe is effective in a static state, but rather is a moment in time during transition. To view it as stationary leaves the Ninpo-ka unable to move quickly or adapt effecively. 

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