Bu-jutsu Combatives

HAPPO BU-JUTSU: 8 Areas of Training at Ninpo US

Our Bu-jutsu program covers 4 categories of skillsets at a pre-black belt level, with an additional 4 added once a student has attained black belt.

4. AGILITY (Taihen-jutsu)
5. CONCEALMENT (Inton-jutsu)
6. MODERN STUDIES (Gendai Renshu)
7. SURVIVALISM (Daishizen no Ho)
8. NATURAL SCIENCES (Tenmon/Chimon/Jinmon)


Level 1: SHO-KYU

Shokyu, or “beginning level”, centers around a series of 9 kata that combine explosive striking, gross motor skill oriented grappling and positional controls to defend against untrained (common) attack scenarios. All techniques at this level focus on the simplest and the most useful techniques that do not require previous training or a high degree of athleticism. Upon being able to move through all 9 kata confidently with Static Proficiency, the student is eligible to test for Green Belt, also known as our “Randori Belt”.

As a Green Belt, the student works towards Dynamic Proficiency, having the ability to move freely between all kata against a resisting opponent.

After the student can work through all required techniques with poise and confidence, he or she becomes eligible for Blue Belt testing and graduation from the Shokyu level. The final exam is a Threat Simulation Exam which can involve applying all learned skills with additional possible variables that simulate an actual scenario and require the student to demonstrate Dynamic Mastery. Some of these variables may include wearing street clothes, noise, distractions and terrain.

Final Blue Belt testing must be in-person at Honbu Dojo or a Honbu event held at other locations.

Level 2: CHU-KYU

Chukyu, or “mid level”, builds upon the lessons of Shokyu with a focus on escapes, reversals and techniques that elevate the skill level previously learned, and can be used in the 9 kata in real time to address other variables. 

Students also deep dive into the core techniques of Ninpo, called Kihon Happo, which focus on staying on your feet or getting back to your feet as quickly and safely as possible.

In addition to technique, the blue belt level includes a greater emphasis on awareness of possible additional threats.

Level 3: JO-KYU

Jokyu, or “advanced level”, is our Brown Belt level. In this series the student must demonstrate ownership of all previously learned techniques with additional variations and variables. 

Training includes –

Multiple Threats & Unknown Concealed Weapons: As with all self-defense training presented, our primary tactics are always to avoid dangerous situations, to escape if you cannot avoid, and lastly to defend only if there is no other choice. However, training for all situations, including multiple attackers and the introduction of weapons (both concealed and non-concealed) are essential in a comprehensive approach to martial arts and self-defense.

In addition to the above, Jokyu students learn restraining techniques, such as pins, positions and locks to detain and gain compliance.


It takes special dedication to training and to yourself to achieve the level of Black Belt. By this point, the student has a mastery over the most essential skills of martial arts and combatives. Our post Black Belt Levels, therefore, open into a university style series of lessons for each level and include both contemporary and traditional deep dive into Ninpo skillsets.

Ryu-ha: These are traditional martial systems that offer a variety of armed and unarmed techniques. The importance of this study is to better understand time-tested principles and strategies.

Dogu: Pre-Black Belt the weapons training focused on what you may most likely encounter. At this level, we practice an eclectic mix of traditional weapons such as staff, polearms, sword and projectiles, the principles of which can be used in unconventional situations.

Inton: These are methods of concealment, movement and escape.

Training with Ninpo US

There are 3 ways to train in Bu-jutsu with Ninpo US:

1. IN-PERSON: Train in public or private training directly with Honbu Dojo.

2. VIRTUALLY: Train online with Ninpo US Honbu.

3. HYBRID: Train online with Ninpo US Honbu and visit Honbu as capable.