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Imagine your child focusing more easily on school work,
understanding the value of respect, and learning valuable life skills that
give them an edge for the rest of their lives; while learning
the confidence to stand up for themselves and help others.

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  • Positive & Safe Environment
  • Valuable Life Skills
  • Certified Professional Instructors
  • Martial Arts Classes that are Fun & Exciting
  • Self-Defense

“I’ve always lived in fear. Because of the excellent teachers and training, I’m not so scared anymore. I’m feeling more and more confident in myself, my wisdom, my abilities and gifts. That’s huge.”

-Stephanie D., Banri Dojo / Wilmington, DE

There’s nothing like our martial arts program for children and teens.

From the very beginning your child will be taught valuable life skills to benefit your child the rest of their lives.

All of our certified martial arts instructors go through rigorous training on not just what to teach, but how to teach.

Our classes are engaging and fun. Your child will fall in love with concepts that are crucial at home and in school, such as – discipline, focus, and respect

How would it feel to give your child the gift of better school grades and social skills

Plus, the Ninpo US children’s martial arts program teaches authentic martial arts, including real ninja training.

Come see for yourself, why our Ninpo US children’s martial arts classes soar above the rest!

Got Questions?

Not ready to join but want more info on joining the Ninpo US family? We’d love to have you speak with one of our many professional instructors to answer all you questions!