GRIP DYNAMICS: Using a Full Grip and Hook Grip

In Ninpo there are numerous ways to grip, two primary being the Full Grip and Hook Grip. In this video we look at how to apply a couple popular Jujutsu locks using both.


When we think about martial arts dynamics, consider them as tools in your toolbox, each having a primary use, just as they have non-practical use. For example, choosing a hammer for the task of putting a screw in a wall, you could of course put the screw in the wall, but the hole would end up being too big for the screw threads to be effect. In the end, the tool got you there, but left the result less, if not entirely unusable.

It’s the same with dynamics such as grips, each having their place, as well as, times that they can be used but remain functionaly obsolete when compaired to other, more appropriate grips.

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