Koryu Training

The 36 Arts of Ninpo Bugei

Ninpo is an eclectic system of martial arts, principles and living; the training of which revolves around the Ninpo Sanjurokkei*, or “36 Ninpo Essentials”. These 36 essentials are broken down into 2 categories of 18 skillsets – Bugei Juhappen and Ninja Juhakkei.

*From Ninpo Secrets by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura

Bugei Juhappen

The Bugei Juhappen is the study of “usual martial arts styles”, meaning that in order to successfully apply Ninpo, you should be familiar with other arts one might encounter.

1. Ju-jutsu / Kenpo: Fighting arts of grappling and striking
2. Ken-jutsu: Sword techniques
3. Iai-jutsu: Sword drawing techniques
4. Kusarifundo-jutsu: Weighted chain techniques
5. Kusarigama-jutsu: Sickle and chain techniques
6. Bo-jutsu: Staff techniques
7. So-jutsu: Spear techniques
8. Naginata-jutsu: Halberd techniques
9. Suiren: Swimming methods
10. Ba-jutsu: Horsemanship
11. Kisha-jutsu: Archery from horseback
12. Jo-jutsu: 3/4 staff techniques
13. Kyu-jutsu: Archery
14. Yoroi-Kumiuchi: Fighting in armor
15. Hojo-jutsu: Binding with ropes
16. Jutte-jutsu: Iron rod “10-hands” techniques
17. Ho-jutsu: Cannon techniques
18. Nageken-jutsu: Throwing blade techniques

 Ninja Juhakkei

By having a mastery of martial arts and combat one might expect to encounter (as shown in the Bugei Juhappen), one can better understand the list of complimentary skillsets, called Ninja Juhakkei. The following arts contain concealment, unconventional methods and survivalism.

1. Seishinteki Kyoyo: Training the heart, mind and spirit
2. Taijutsu: Unarmed defense
3. Biken-jutsu: “Secret” Unconventional sword techniques
4. So-jutsu: Spear techniques
5. Naginata-jutsu: Halberd techniques
6. Bisento-jutsu: Large halberd techniques
7. Kusarigama-jutsu: Chain and sickle techniques
8. Bo-jutsu: Staff techniques
9. Hanbo-jutsu: Half-staff techniques
10. Shuriken-jutsu: Throwing blade techniques
11. Kisha-jutsu: Archery from horseback
12. Inton-jutsu: Concealment methods
13: Hoko-jutsu: Movement methods
14. Henso-jutsu: Disguise methods
15. Kakushi-buki jutsu: Concealed weapons
16. Ninyaku-jutsu: Medicine
17. Gunryaku Heiho-jutsu: Strategies
18. Tenmon Chimon: Meteorology and Geology

Training with Ninpo US

There are 3 ways to train in our Koryu path with Ninpo US:

1. IN-PERSON: Train in-person at a Ninpo US affiliated school*.

2. VIRTUALLY: Train online with Ninpo US Honbu.

3. HYBRID: Train online with Ninpo US Honbu and visit a local affiliated school for testing and drop-ins.

*Affiliated schools are independently owned and operated.