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Imagine learning the legendary skills of the ninja, authentic ninjutsu, in a way that’s practical in everyday life, for everyday people.

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  • Self-defense Focused Training
  • Traditional Martial Arts Values
  • Taught by Certified Instructors
  • Complete Training of Mind & Body

“This place will not let you doubt yourself or live in fear. Spiritual serenity in a dangerous world, survival against the odds.It’s been a long time since I have been excited to do something, every time I go in.”

-Obie O.

Ninpo USĀ teaches modern tactical ninjutsu, based on authentic principles of ninja training. This isn’t a movie martial art or a children’s “little ninja” program.

This is real ninjutsu, adapted to be used in real world defense and survival.

Our ninjutsu program is a specialized program within the Ninpo US systems and designed to compliment our ju-jutsu marial arts training. As a member of our ninjutsu program, you’ll learn how to be a complete warrior – physically and mentally.

This training includes a full system of escaping, concealment, agility training, weapons, and more.

Because this training requires an understanding of combatives, participants must complete a minimum of 2 years of martial arts taining* prior to formally participating in this program.

*2 years of martial arts training can be within any similar style of ju-jutsu training or within any other Ninpo organization.

Got Questions?

Not ready to join but want more info on joining the Ninpo US family? We’d love to have you speak with one of our many professional instructors to answer all you questions!