SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 | Hanbo Waza | BRANDON, FL

This week’s Ninpo US Martial Arts Training Journal, we share more training from a previous seminar in Florida.


A hanbo, also called sanjaku-bo, is half the size of a full 6 foot staff. This falls in the category of a “non-flexible” weapon which uses blunt force. As such, it’s inherently dangerous, even though it’s just a “stick”.┬áControl is off primary importance and you should only learn and practice its use with a qualified instructor.

In defense, the hanbo shares similarities with a sword in the way it can be wielded, though without the obviously sharpness used to cut.


Sutemi, or “sacrificing the body”, is both a series of techniques and a principle in martial arts. The basic concept is that there may be more inherent risk for you if your technique isn’t succesful. This, however, is an imporant principle for understanding the “warrior mentality” so that you can freely move and react under adverse conditions.

In this week’s Training Journal, it is demonstrated in that, when the hanbo is heading for a vital area such as your face, you may sacrifice a different limb in taking the hit, so that you have a chance to keep defending.