AUGUST 26, 2019 | Closing The Distance | BRANDON, FL

This week’s Martial Arts Training Journal, Renshi Mark covers how to close the distance against an attacker. This concept is all about distancing, or ma-ai.


Distancing is a very important aspect of martial arts training. It represents a major component of self-defense and engaging an attacker. In fact, distancing, angling, and timing are a Sanpo Hiden, or 3 secret methods in ninjutsu.

Kicking The Shin/Knee

In our martial arts, we’re very cautious about delivering a high kick, which can be dangerous on different terrains and leave you venerable to losing your balanace. A well placed shin or knee kick is a great way to stun, or possibly injure, an aggressive attacker.


A post, sometimes called “pie to the face”, is a useful way to conceal yourself behind your lead arm as you enter.

Dropping Your Weight

A sudden drop of your weight can catch an attacker off guard, especially if they carry their weight very high, such as in a sparring scenario. This also plants your feet, making it easier to move in.