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Weapons Training

Learn sword, staff, and self-defense using a large variety
of traditional and modern weapons.

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  • Modern & Traditional Weapons Training
  • Knife Defense
  • Club Defense
  • Tactical Firearms Defense
  • Traditional weapons, including – staff, sword, throwing blades, and much more

“Some of the best people you’ll ever have the privilege to meet, and train with.”

-Justin S., Banri Dojo / Wilmington, DE

Contrary to what most people know, Jujutsu is much more than ground fighting and grappling. It is a robust system of complete warrior-ship, including unarmed and armed combat, as well as, mental and physical conditioning. Weapons training was, and still remains, an important skill for any serious martial artist, with the reality of facing a possibly armed threat.

The Ninpo US Weapons Training Program takes a two-prong approach. First, by understanding the fundamentals and principles of traditional weapons training, such as sword and staff. Secondly, defending and escaping from modern threats such as a firearm.

We specialize in providing a safe and professional environment to learn all aspects of living as a true warrior.

Got Questions?

Not ready to join but want more info on joining the Ninpo US family? We’d love to have you speak with one of our many professional instructors to answer all you questions!